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the team

Advantera Group was founded in 2016 with a vision of creating value in mid-market companies by leveraging our expertise in operating businesses and investing in strong management teams and cultures. Advantera's partners have a track record of turning around assets, identifying value creation opportunities and investing in growth. 

Sean McCaughan, CFA


Prior to founding Advantera Group, Sean was a Senior Executive at an international diversified industrial organization with operations in mining, oil and gas, and power generation.  


Sean is an entrepreneurial-minded executive with many accomplishments improving large industrial businesses that included developing leadership teams, growing businesses, helping companies prioritize capital allocation, launching new ventures, and quickly implementing value creation opportunities.

Sean was also previously an Investment Banker at UBS and Bank of America, and over his career has advised many small and large organizations on raising equity and debt capital, in addition to executing strategic M&A acquisitions. He is also a member of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Sean is a CFA charterholder and has an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. He lives in Southern Ontario with his family and is an active member in his community.  


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